EiE Videos: Engineering Moments

Capturing critical moments of learning in elementary engineering classrooms

Engineering Moments are narrated short videos that help you understand how hands-on engineering works in the elementary classroom. Like all EiE productions, these are candid videos that show unstaged scenes in real classrooms around the country. 


Engineering in teams provides children with the opportunity to practice engineering skills as well as social skills.

Engineering students know that even if their designs don’t work the first time, they will have a chance to improve and make things better.

When children engage in engineering, it gives them a chance to support their ideas with data—to argue from evidence.

Before they started engineering, these students explored the properties of magnets. Watch them apply their science knowledge to the design challenge!

Engineering helps students imagine their future in new ways.

Comparing results between two design solutions provides a real-life opportunity for student engineers to collect and interpret data.

When engineers work in teams, they need to communicate clearly with one another about their ideas, so that eventually they can come up with one plan for a design.

It is important for engineers to have a deep understanding of the materials they use to design technologies.

When engineers analyze test results and synthesize data, they often need to use math to help make sense of their findings.

Conducting experiments and collecting data provides authentic opportunities for children to use variables and build their understanding of “fair tests.”