EiE Video Spotlights

Putting the spotlight on effective elementary engineering teaching practices

Our Spotlight Videos are designed to help educators take a closer look at topics relevant to EiE practice, such as preparing classroom materials or asking productive questions that help students take charge of their learning. Use these videos to refresh or expand your understanding of specific EiE design principles and teaching strategies.

Improve your understanding of how engineering supports learning for elementary students, and how EiE helps you address the Next Generation Science Standards.

When you open your first EiE kit, you may be surprised by how much stuff is in there. Watch these time-saving tips for organizing EiE materials.

Learn effective strategies for guiding your students through the EiE Engineering Design Process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve).

Learn how science and engineering differ—AND how they connect—in elementary school classrooms.

When your students’ experiments don’t produce expected results, you can turn data discrepancies into teachable moments. 

Help your students troubleshoot their design solutions with classroom-tested questioning strategies.