EiE Research

The EiE project uses multiple cycles of research, development, testing, and improvement to create world-class educational materials. All of our curriculum products and professional development workshops are rigorously evaluated before release.

Research Questions

Our research contributes to the fields of STEM education and learning sciences. We investigate the following:

  • student understanding of STEM topics
  • student attitudes toward science, computer science, and engineering.
  • educator understanding of STEM topics
  • educator confidence teaching STEM content
  • family understanding of STEM topics and careers

In 2012, we began a large-scale efficacy study of the EiE curriculum. This work is funded by the National Science Foundation and was completed in 2016.

Research Results

Take a look at our Research Highlights for a quick overview of EiE research and evaluation results. Explore EiE’s research in more depth by reading the Executive Summary, or go to Articles and Publications for full-length research articles, reports to funders, conference papers, journal articles, and position papers. In addition to EiE publications, you’ll find reports by our external evaluators along with research on EiE by other organizations.

Take a moment to watch one of our EiE Spotlight videos about our research.