The Museum of Science, Boston partners with Arkansas AMI to deliver fun STEM lessons from its hands-on PreK-8 STEM curricula


Thursday, May 21, 2020


Units from the Engineering Everywhere curriculum, traditionally taught in out-of-school time settings and classrooms throughout Arkansas, are available for families to use through Arkansas AMI. 

Viewers can follow engaging STEM lessons and even try activities at home. These lessons, such as “Growing Up: Engineering Vertical Farms” and “Plants to Plastics: Engineering Bioplastics,” bring easy, fun STEM education into homes – no science or engineering background required. The engineering topics covered in these units through AMI include agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, green engineering, and process engineering, all demonstrated through hands-on, engaging, and real-world challenges. 

When students continue their science and engineering learning at home, they become the experts. In addition to the EiE units offered through AMI, EiE also offers STEM solutions such as interactive digital storybooks that build STEM literacy and science vocabulary.

Read more about this partnership or explore STEM at home.

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