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Technology Flashcards

Engineering Everywhere

 This flashcard game app is a fun learning tool for elementary school children that are beginning to learn about engineering and technology.

 Many children (and some adults) believe that the term “technology” is reserved for things that are high-tech or electric. If you ask children to give you examples of technologies, they  will often come back with a list of items limited to things like cell phones, iPods, TVs, and cars.

But the definition is much broader than that. This game uses flashcards to teach children that a technology is anything designed by human beings to help solve a problem or meet a need. This means that items such as cups, pencils, shoes, and even processes such as an assembly line, are just as much technologies as the high-tech examples. Things that are not technologies are items that are created by nature, such as trees, dirt, tomatoes, and waterfalls.

This game may be used on its own, or in conjunction with any of our curriculum products. 

Developer: Sean Fitzgerald