EiE Video Snippets: Engineering Design Process


During this step, students review all of the solutions that have been generated and select a single idea. The group then further develops this idea.

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Arguing from evidence is an important engineering skill. Watch this team consider the results of their classroom tests when making a decision.

Team members bring lots of different ideas to the table, but in the end, everyone has to agree on a design.

Student engineers think creatively, communicate clearly, and collaborate with peers.

Predicting, testing, observing, and comparing: elementary engineering is closely connected to inquiry-based science.

When team members share ideas, the group is more likely to come up with a good design for a hand pollinator.

To choose a site for a bridge, apply what you know about rivers, streambanks, the qualities of soil . . . and people!

An energetic teaching strategy gets groups to justify their material choices.

Young engineers explain the steps of the EiE Engineering Design Process.