EiE Video Snippets: Engineering Design Process


During this step, students build their knowledge by asking and answering questions. They explore relevant science concepts, examine the materials they have available, and think about how they will measure success.

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Young engineers explain the steps of the EiE Engineering Design Process.

Students think critically about the purpose of their design during the Ask step of the Engineering Design Process.

What do you need to know about plants and their roots to design a package that will protect them during shipping?

Before you start to design a vehicle that hovers above a magnetic track, what kinds of questions will you ask yourself?

If you’re going to design a lighting system for a model Egyptian tomb, what do you need to know before you start?

A device that picks up pollen and transfers it to another flower must have certain properties—what are they?

Predicting, testing, observing, and comparing: elementary engineering is closely connected to inquiry-based science.

What do you know about pollen? What are some properties of pollen? What does it do?

When you design a parachute, consider the size of the space it will be packed into and how slowly it must fall after it opens.

Whole-class discussions help students draw conclusions from the data that everyone collected.

To prepare for an engineering challenge, students explore and describe material properties.