Student Assessments

Use these unit-specific assessments to see what students already know about technology and engineering and to assess what they learn from EiE lessons.

These assessments can be used to assess learning objectives targeted in each unit. Each page is designated as Advanced (A), Basic (B), or Advanced and Basic (AB). Advanced assessments are designed for use with older elementary students, while Basic assessments are designed for use with younger students. Assessments marked “Post only” serve as summative assessments of students’ learning and are administered after completion of the unit. Assessments marked as “Pre-Post” can be used prior to implementation of the EiE unit in order to get a baseline reading on your students’ knowledge and/or as summative assessment. Further opportunities for assessment are embedded throughout the teacher guides: see the Overview section of your guide for more information. 

Designing Alarm Circuits (AC)Designing Bridges (BR)Cleaning an Oil Spill (CO)Evaluating a Landscape (EL)
Designing Hand Pollinators (HP)Designing Knee Braces (KB)Designing Lighting Systems (LS)Designing Maglev Systems (ML)
Designing Model Membranes (MM)Designing Parachutes (PA)Improving a Play Dough Process (PD)Designing Plant Packages (PP)
Replicating an Artifact (RA)Seeing Animal Sounds (RS)Designing Submersibles (SB)Making Work Easier (SM)
Designing Solar Ovens (SO)Designing Walls (WA)Designing Water Filters (WF)Designing Windmills (WM)

This page is constantly updated as we develop and revise assessments